about us

De-grow lab was founded on principles of sustainability. In fact, our name is derived from Degrowth Theory; a novel socio-economic theory that proposes infinite economic growth is at odds with the finite resources of the planet. Degrowth seeks to promote prosperity while reducing unsustainable production and consumption. We’ve chosen degrowth to be the guidepost for our operations. It’s a concept that prioritizes local solutions over global ones, reducing waste, and building relationships within the community. This equates to sourcing local ingredients for our products. It also means we foster and strengthen our local community, whom in turn supports our endeavors. Within the landscape of shortened supply chains exists also the opportunity to pursue circularity within our waste streams.

These principles can be explored within our products themselves, for instance our Nabij kombucha uses pollinator supporting wildflowers planted in empty Dutch fields. They also direct our operations. As we scale-up our operations we can look to use and repair used equipment, use minimal impact in our packaging, and divert our waste streams.

De-grow lab is small, and we need to grow to have the impact we hope to achieve. The window of opportunity is here. There has been enough talk, theory, and greenwashing, people are ready for practical change. As a team, we are inspired to make something real whilst embodying the principles we hold dearly.